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Urgent Care

Please contact us if you think your pet is in need of urgent medical attention during our normal business hours.

During Open Hours

Our Urgent Care services are available during our regular clinic hours, making it easier for you to get the immediate attention your pet may need. No appointment is necessary, but we kindly ask that you call or text us in advance at (720) 600-2450 to ensure we can accommodate your case and are fully prepared for your arrival.

Mon  8:30-5:30

Tue    8:30-5:30

Wed  8:30-5:30

Thu    8:30-5:30

Fri       8:30-5:30

Sat     Closed

Sun    Closed

After-Hours Emergency? 

Emergencies outside of our normal business hours must be referred to area emergency clinics. Please call one of the following clinics to triage your emergency. 

VEG (Veterinary Emergency Group)
1905 29th St, Boulder, CO 80301


CASE (CO Animal Specialty & Emergency)

2972 Iris Ave, Boulder, CO 80301
(303) 545-2273

Four Seasons Veterinary Specialists
4120 Clydesdale Pkwy, Loveland, CO 80538

What Cases Can We See Urgently?

While we can accommodate many urgent care cases at our clinic, there may be situations when we recommend referral to an emergency veterinary clinic for more specialized care. What we can see -

  • Allergies 

  • Anorexia/Inappetence

  • Skin Issues 

  • Bites and Stings

  • Ear and Eye Issues

  • End of Life Care

  • Lameness/Limping

  • Lumps and Bumps

  • Minor Wounds/Lacerations

  • URI/Kennel Cough

  • UTI

  • Vomiting and Diarrhea

What Cases Do We Refer To Specialized Care?

While our goal is to offer a wide range of services, there are specific conditions that are best handled by an emergency veterinary hospital. These conditions include:

  • Profuse Bleeding

  • Open Fractures

  • Severe Respiratory Distress

  • Severe Injury 

  • Certain Toxin Exposure

  • Overnight Hospitalization

What Qualifies as an Urgent Care Visit?

An appointment is deemed an Urgent Care visit when there is an emergency requiring immediate care, or if the pet needs to be seen the same-day on a day that we have no open appointment times.  Some more severe conditions will always be addressed through our Urgent Care services, but for many other urgent cases, if a same-day appointment is available, we will see your pet through a regular appointment.  If there are no appointments available in a reasonable time frame, we will be have to accommodate you through our urgent care service.  

Information and FAQ

Call Ahead

Please call ahead so that we can triage your situation and be properly prepared to provide the best care to your pet. 

In-Hospital Treatment

In some situations, we may recommend that you leave your pet with us to be admitted and treated throughout the day. This is to ensure that your pet receives the comprehensive care they need without any delay. Our experienced veterinarians and caring staff will keep you updated on your pet's progress and provide all the necessary treatments to aid their recovery.

What Will Be Different?

The same great team will now be providing our urgent care services! The care received will be the same high level of care we provide for all of our patients. Some differences may include - -Veterinary Technicians interfacing with the doctor as well as helping to triage the situation. -You may communicate with other members of the team as we accommodate multiple appointments. -We may need to communicate with you throughout the day if we have had to admit your pet.

What Is The Cost?

Please note that there will be an additional appointment fee for urgent care visits. This fee helps us accommodate urgent cases within our busy schedule while ensuring the best care for your pet. -Urgent Care $108 -Walk-In Urgent Care $125

Wait Times

Please be aware that, as these are unplanned for appointments, there may be wait times. Our dedicated team will do their best to prioritize cases based on the severity of the condition. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we strive to provide the best care for every furry friend that comes through our doors.

What If My Case Needs Specialized Care?

The patient will be triaged by medical staff and if their condition requires the equipment and specialized care of a full emergency clinic, we will help facilitate the transfer to a local emergency vet. This means we will help you find an emergency vet that can accommodate the situation, send records, and communicate directly with their medical staff to prepare them for your arrival.

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