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Mothers are those who "create, give, and sustain life in all its forms." (1)  We like this definition and we want to recognize and honor all Mothers out there, who take on the responsibilities of motherhood for your children and those entrusted to your care, both humans and animals alike.  

As owners of Clover Basin Animal Hospital, Anthony and I would like to thank our own mothers for all that they do and have done for us.  Our moms raised us, sacrificed for us, supported us, and encouraged us to work hard and be the best versions of ourselves.  They taught us compassion and responsibility, particularly for the animals that rely on us.


My mom, Rebecca, encouraged my passion for animals and my career with animals since before I even graduated high school, driving me every weekend to my animal sanctuary job before I had my license.  She never turned away the animals I would rescue and many became part of our family.  She never tried to dissuade me or steer me in any other direction.  Because of her support, my entire working life has been in animal health and welfare, at humane societies and veterinary clinics.

Anthony's mom, Nohemi, recognized his passion for animals and also never denied their family the company of animals - dogs, cats, and horses.  She even welcomed the ferrets that Anthony brought home from college one year.  She supported his pursuit of an Animal Science degree and connected him to one of his first jobs out of college at an animal shelter and humane society, where he would become Director of Operations and manage all animal care and veterinary medicine.  Nohemi also very generously gave us the financial gift that enabled us to open Clover Basin Animal Hospital and bring our passion to our community.

Reach out to your mom today and express your love and gratitude.  If they are gone, spend some time thinking about them, or share their story with someone in your life.  If you are a pet-mom, look into your animal's eyes and I'm sure you'll see the love and gratitude they have for you. 


A warm hug and "thank you" from us to all you moms out there :)

- Seneca and Anthony Guillen

(1) Dr. Oni Blackstock

Anthony wanted to share this Mother's Day video from one his favorite people, Judge Frank Caprio.  It's not an animal video, but kindness and compassion like this transcends all species.

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