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Our Story

Serendipity & gratitude

Clover Basin Animal Hospital's story began 20 years ago and was brought to fruition through serendipity, persistence and the support of many wonderful people

More to come on our story (we promise!), but first we want to express the immense gratitude we have to the many people who helped make Clover Basin Animal Hospital possible.  These individuals went out of their way to talk to us and were kind and supportive, even when we weren't clients. They listened to us, supported us, made connections for us, and encouraged us through a long and sometimes frightening journey.  Some of these people may not even have realized the impact of their help, but they represent the spirit and heart that not only helped us, but that we hope to pay forward and model for our employees, our clients, and our community.  We want to acknowledge them here and thank them for all they have done for us!

Dr. Steven Lisano

Mark Brunner

Bryan King, AIA

Phillip Redmond

Dr. Wendy Hauser

Dr. Joy Fuhrman

Cammi Bailey

Ricardo Cabrera

Mirian Wilson

Jeri Barajas

Cody Porter

Brady Kline

Lodestone Design: Ann Marceca, Jeff Van Sambeek

Blue Spruce Construction: Adam Parker, Cathi Brents, Brad Weeks, Sandra Weeks

BVB Contractors: Dan Brown, Jon Burdick

Sheryl Sheafor

In addition to these supporters, we thought about all the people that have provided services in some way.  While it is easy to say, "oh they're just doing their job," we would like to recognize that the excellence in which they have done their job has had a material impact on our Hospital.

Danny Dohrmann

Kate LaCroix

Caitlyn Mendogni

Darlene St. John

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